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Englishman Mark Fincham took over the wine making in the old respected Gevrey estate of Domaine Maume in 2012. He converted to biodynamic wine making, and these wines are now a perfect expression of lively Gevrey Pinot. They give full reign to this unique and blessed terroir to tell its own story, unhindered by chemical interventions.

Our three bottle introduction pack comprises:

A Gevrey Village 'En Pallud', its rich complexity deriving from its position just the other side of the Route des Grands Crus from Clos de Bèze;  a delightful Beaune 1er Cru - Tuvilaine (next to Teurons), a light but fruit filled wine with surprising complexity; and the star of the show, a Mazis from a large single plot in the Gevrey Grand Crus, which Mark thinks helps the wine to show itself to its full potential.

Type: Unknown Type

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