The Prince of Conti and Madame Pompadour

The Burgundy Shop

A short story - 12 to 15 minute read, with contemporary illustrations, of how Madame Pompadour confounded the treasonous objectives of the Prince of Conti, the name of the Prince later becoming associated with France's most famous wine estate.

"In the late afternoon of a cold 5 January 1757, the King was returning from a visit to his daughter, and about to get into his carriage. Suddenly, a domestic servant by the name of Robert Damiens, broke through the King’s guard, and plunged his dagger into the side of Louis XV of France. A spur of the moment act by a treacherous loner, or the paid hand of a pre-meditated conspiracy? The King survived, and a panel of Judges was swiftly convened to try Damiens. More important than his guilt (a foregone conclusion), was the task to elicit the motive, and if others were involved, who they were. One of the Judges that took up the challenge, was the King’s cousin, the Prince of Conti........"

Type: digital book