Le Chambertin

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These heirloom quality cork screws from Thiers super cutlers Fontenille-Pataud, are not just hand made - they are made by only one pair of hands!  From start to finish, a single designated person is responsible for assembling and finishing each item.  The design of this latest model took three years of trial and testing to accomplish, combining the renowned Fontenille-Pataud finish and durability, with an easy functional practicality. The grip fits perfectly into the palm of the hand when opening the bottle, and whatever material you choose for the handle, this will be a tool to be valued as much for its look, as for its ease of use. The model shown is natural polished Stag Horn.  Enquiries for 'custom made' and inscriptions to info@theburgundyshop.com

Type: Tire Bouchon

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