The Purple Mustard Story

The word 'mustard' has positive connotations in the English language, with expressions such as - 'keen as mustard', and 'cuts the mustard'. This is likely to do with an entrepreneurial mustard producer called Colmans, which opened in Norwich UK in 1814. The knives used to cut the plant stems, had to 'cut the mustard', from whence the saying came to be associated with achievement.

The Mustard Club

In the 1920's Colmans and author Dorothy Sayers created 'The Mustard Club'. They told the tale of Master Mustard, and Lord Bacon of Cookham. The President of the Club was the regal Baron de Beef (centre front), and the Secretary the tantalising Miss Di Gester (left front). Dorothy related the story of a miscreant taken to court for eating a ham sandwich without mustard. The man was found guilty, and sentenced - to sit in a mustard bath of course! The campaign was a 'mustard' success, and Colmans became a British household name.


However it was in Burgundy that the commercial development of mustard took hold. After the Romans, the industrious monks took up making both the wine and the mustard, and by the late Middle Ages, Dijon was the mustard capital of the world, and Burgundy as famous for its fine wines.

Purple Mustard

In recognition of the region’s association with this ancient condiment, we decided to call our flagship wine, ‘Purple Mustard’