Gevrey Wine Club

Purchase Plan

We sell organic and biodynamic wines made with passion in Gevrey and nearby villages. We have introduced a purchase plan, so that you can if you wish, buy through the year . The first purchase must be for a minimum of 6 bottles (which makes a great introductory gift for a friend or relative). After that, the Member can add to the wine held, a bottle at a time, if that would suit. We send out regular offers of wines we have tasted from producers we know. The wine purchased can be stored free of charge in our vaulted cellars for a maximum of 6 months. It can be shipped or collected once a satisfactory quantity (for shipping it has to be in multiples of 6 bottles) has been accumulated. The cost of all wine plus TVA has to be paid at the time of purchase.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Why join the Gevrey Wine Club?

  • no membership fees, no obligation to buy, and a free introduction to Burgundy, its history and terroir
  • an opportunity to purchase wines from some of the best producers of the Côte de Nuits working wholly or partly organically or biodynamically;
  • Domaines - Claude Dugat; Maume (Marchand Tawse); Rossignol Trapet; Jean-Louis Trapet; Henri Richard; Alain Burguet; Jane et Sylvain; Huguenot; Jean Fournier; Brunot Clair; Sylvain Pataille;
  • find out about making wine 'en bio', and why it can be a better guide to quality than having 'Grand Cru' or '1er Cru' on the label;
  • wine storage without charge for 12 months (minimum of 6 bottles)
  • opportunity to buy wines before they come to the market
  • tasting notes, vintage advice, producer profiles, and interviews
  • shipping to Europe and the US (3 day delivery) with UPS and other reliable shippers
  • purchase vat free for immediate delivery outside the EU

We buy the wine of our neighbours in Gevrey, Fixin and Marsannay, and provide Club Members the opportunity to purchase wines that are difficult to find outside Burgundy. We provide information on our blog ( about the wines and the estates. After a time, the producers will become familiar to you, like old friends. You will, as we do, await the next vintage with impatience, wondering how the weather will impact on the wine to be produced. As we get closer to harvest time, the atmosphere becomes heavy with anticipation. You can almost cut it with a mustard knife!

The wines that we buy are produced organically, and the majority are certified biodynamic - which in Burgundy is a strong indication of care and passion on the part of the producer.​

Matt tasting at Jean Louis Trapet in Gevrey Chambertin

The "King of Pinot Noir" ... known worldwide for its 9 Grands Crus, Chambertin ('Le Roi Chambertin') is the King of Burgundy wine, favoured by Emperors, US Presidents, and just about anyone who can afford to buy a bottle from a good producer! You won't find any white wine here, but only reds showing beautiful structure, body and complexity.​​​​​​​​​​​​