About us - A Perfectly Natural Retirement


We (Paul and Jolanta), are a British\Polish couple who moved to France for our retirement. We purchased two tumble down buildings in Burgundy which used to be a winery, and instead of retiring, turned them into a boutique luxury hotel. Within two years of opening, thanks to Jolanta’s capacity for hard work, attention to detail, and design skills, in 2015 and 2016 the hotel 'Les Deux Chevres' was #No 1 out of almost 500 hotels in Burgundy on both Trip Advisor and Trivago.

We started selling organic wine and artisan products of Burgundy and France from the hotel and its cellars. We work with a local organic winemaker and have developed our own wine, which has proved popular. We called it 'Purple Mustard'. Paul and Jolanta

'A perfectly Natural Retirement'