Purple Mustard Wine

Following the French revolution, the State appropriated the monastic vines, and sold them off as public property. The fragmented ownership which resulted, led to a reputation for unreliable quality, usually attributed to the sensitive nature of the Pinot Noir grape, but in reality all too often due to poor wine making by the owner. Fortunately however, things are changing, and quality and sustainability have both taken off with a new generation of winemakers and an increasing focus on the need to preserve this unique heritage for future generations.

Our flagship biodynamic wine 'The Purple Mustard' is made in the village of Gevrey for The Burgundy Shop by Mark Fincham of Marchand Tawse.  It is immediately attractive, a wonderful example of all that the Burgundy terroir has to offer.  

We think the name 'Purple Mustard' encapsulates the ethos and heritage of Burgundy - strong and proud (once a country in its own right), colourful and playful (the Burgundian sense of humour), serious and intense (the heritage of over 1,000 years continuous product development of both wine and mustard by the Cistercian and Benedictine monks). We seriously hope that you will enjoy it!  Available via The Gevrey Wine Club - mail info@gevreywineclub.com

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