Moutarderie Fallot

Dijon has been world famous for mustard for hundreds of years. Proudly continuing an ancient tradition, Moutarderie Edmond Fallot is the last family mustard maker in Burgundy. Established in 1840, they still grind seeds from plants grown in Burgundy using traditional mill stones. They make simply wonderful mustards.

16 Rue de la Chouette

The Fallot shop in Dijon is at 16 Rue de la Chouette in the ancient quarter. It is in the shadow of the 12c L'Eglise Notre Dame. The street is named after a small owl carved into one of the pillars of the cathedral, just above head height, and legend has it that if the owl is stroked with the left hand while making a wish, it brings good luck. Over the last few hundred years the owl has been stroked so many times it has lost a few of its features!

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